20 February 2009


Yeah, I forgot to write yesterday.
I've been busier than normal, with houses and cars and all that jazz. Oh, and my attempt at writing a novel is going far better than I had ever expected, which is good!
I went to the beach this morning, and now I stink of sea salt. Well, it could be worst!
I haven't really got anything else to be writing about today or yesterday, so I'm afraid this will be all for today. That's not really disappointing news, but anyway, i'll write tomorrow. Maybe ;)

18 February 2009


So today I did housework. And by housework, I mean I tidied every single room in the house, washed the carpets, polished the furniture, dusted (I know, right?), and scrubbed all surfaces shiny. 
That's what happens when I can't go out. My car broke down, so now it's at the garage, who just rang and now I need to pay £800 to get it fixed. I may as well buy a new fucking car for that amount of money! On top of paying for that, I'm in the process of buying a house. That's right, not renting, buying. I rent a flat at the moment, and I don't think I can cope with the constant threat of being kicked out any more. I admit, it's the smallest house I have ever seen, but I love it. Now I just have to wait and see if I get it! Wish me luck xD It's back in Birmingham, which is where I used to live until I was 14. It's going to be odd not being the only person with a 'funny' accent!
So the number of views on my blog is steadily climbing, but still no-one is leaving comments. Please do :) Even if it's telling me how bad my blog is. Actually no, only if it's nice.
And I guess about of half of the people who have seen my blog have seen the thing I posted yesterday. Which is a bit embarrassing. But, on the plus side, Callum saw it, and I'm now his girlfriend, which is nice :).
Oh, and I'm writing a book at the moment. Well, trying to. It is the hardest thing I think I have ever done. For an hour a day, after work, I sit down at with my laptop and write. It's all a load of shit at the moment, but hopefully it will get better when I get round to editing it!
By the way, the picture is of Birmingham :)
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17 February 2009

A blog a day?

When I started this blog, I said to myself - "A blog a day. No excuses." But it's harder than I thought. But this is something I think I need to stick with, or this page will sit here, unused and unseen. 
And there's something I actually want to say today that means something, instead of my useless ramblings.
I love you Callum. And I hope you actually see this. Now by love, I don't mean I just fancy you, or that I love you just as a friend. I mean I love you. And I know it this time, I'm not doubting you for one second. 
I love it when you stand outside my window in the mornings when I work.
I love it when you take me to your "surprise" places. Especially the beach. Hint hint ;)
I love it when you kiss me in the rain :)
I love it when you hug me from behind.
I love it when you buy me coffee.
I love it when you call me at 1 in the morning, just because you felt like talking.
I love waking up next to you.
I love you. And I hope you love me too. Will you be my boyfriend?

16 February 2009


Does anyone else actually like the TV show, Demons?
I've become really addicted to this show on TV. I really love it - I'm not sure if it's the whole Doctor-Who-scary-monster thing, or the main character Luke, played by Christian Cooke - who, I must add, is absolutely gorgeous. 
The two most annoying characters are, unfortunately, two of the main characters - Rupert Galvin and Ruby. Galvin's "american" accent just gets on my nerves, and Ruby's secret affection for Luke gets on my nerves as well as her need to follow him around. Everywhere.
Without a doubt Luke is my favorite character. I also love all the vampire characters - and that has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight. Well, maybe a little bit.
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15 February 2009

Brigton baby

As you know, if you read my profile, I live in Brighton. I love it here, it really inspires me. 
I went down to the sea front the other day, and brought my camera along. Here are the photos, just follow this link to get to the photobucket album :)
I really love taking photos, even if they aren't very good. I don't have a very good editing programme on my computer, so that probably doesn't help! But seeing as I can't draw (at all), or paint or anything else, I find that photography and music are the only ways I can get out all of my creativity and imagination.
So anyway, Brighton. If you haven't been and you live close by? Go. It comes alive at night - clubs, pubs, amazing gig venues, it's got the lot. The shopping is fab, the laines/lanes, churchill square and the high streets are packed to the brim, even on sundays. 
Leave a comment - where do you live? Do you like it? Why? 
I'd like to know, I need a couple of new places to go :)

14 February 2009

Love is?

As today is Valentines Day I thought it would be suitable to talk about that. And i've been thinking - is it possible to define love? 
Well, in some ways, I think yes. You can define what is good about love, but not the feeling of realizing you are in love with someone, or the feeling of having someone love you back. 
Love for me, no matter what sort, wether it is for a parent, sibling, an object or for a lover, love is about having someone there for you. 
There is nothing better than having someone that you can talk to at any time, about anything. 
There is nothing better than being 100% comfortable around someone, without having to pretend or feel self conscious. 
Love is not easy. If love wasn't easy it wouldn't be worth doing. You have to work at loving someone. Love is about forgiving and forgetting - you can't hold grudges, or judgements. 
If love was simple, there would be no point. It's all about the excitement of a first date, the way you blush when you catch someone looking at you. 
It is also all about being rejected, and being hurt. You have to take risks. If you don't, I don't think love would be possible.
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